What is the principle of horizontal packer?

1、 Working principle of horizontal packer

The packed object is basically in the middle of the packer. First, the right top body rises, the front end of the pressing belt, tighten and bind the belt to the object, then the left top body rises, press the appropriate position of the lower belt, the heating sheet extends into the middle of the two belts, the middle top knife rises, cut off the belt, and finally send the next binding belt to the position to complete a working cycle. Used for packing cartons.

2、 Workflow of horizontal packer

The belt is sent to the position → the binding signal is received → the brake is released and the main motor is started (1) → the right top knife rises and presses the right belt against the sliding plate (2) → "t" guide plate retreats (3) → the proximity switch senses the unwinding probe (4) → the main motor stops and the brake is engaged (5) → the unwinding motor of the baler rotates and unwinds for 0.35 seconds (6) → the belt is tightened and bound on the object (7) → the secondary start of the main motor, The brake is engaged (8) → the large swing rod pulls the belt twice and tightens the belt (9) → the left top body rises and compresses the lower belt (10) → the heating plate extends into the middle of the two belts (11) → the middle top knife rises and cuts off the belt (12) → the middle top knife falls (13) → the middle top knife rises again to make the two belts firmly bonded (14) → the middle top knife falls and the left and right top knives fall at the same time.


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