Vertical packer



Overall size: l4325 * W3000 * h3400mm

Bow frame specification: L1615 * w2200mm (internal)

L1975 * w2400mm (external)

Weight: 2500kg

Power supply: three phase / 380V / 50Hz

Bonding method: hot fusion

Binding tightness: motor tension, tension 0-350kg adjustable

Air pressure: 4-6kg/

Binding method: 1 × 1/2 × 2/3 × three

Product features

1. Binding force: 350kg

2. Linear speed of machine table: 2-30m / min

3. Binding speed: ≤ 15s / pass

Welding method, welding position: ≥ 4.2mm, welding position deviation: ≥ 0.2mm

5. Tensile resistance of welded joint ≥ 90% plastic steel belt strength

6. Applicable material: plastic steel (PET) packing belt 1206

7. The applicable specification of plastic steel belt is: width (9-15mm) + (0.55-0.8mm). It can be customized according to special requirements

8. Diameter of paper core of plastic steel belt: 403-406mm

9. Height of plastic steel belt ring: 15pmm

10. Diameter of outer ring of plastic steel belt: 406-550mm

11. The self-developed plastic steel belt movement can adjust the tension by 0-350kg

12. PLC: Siemens

13. Other electrical components are imported parts or joint venture parts

14. It is equipped with manual, linkage, photoelectric induction and other operation modes, which can be freely selected and switched at will

15. There is an automatic pass through file, so that the product can pass directly without packaging

16. There are three photoelectric sensors, and the photoelectric sensing distance and mutual spacing can be adjusted

17. Equipped with emergency switch, it can brake immediately in case of emergency

18. Refueling free maintenance, clean and convenient

19. Noise: in the working environment, the noise shall not be greater than 75db

20. Environmental conditions: temperature 98% RH, temperature - 20 ~ 50 ℃

21. Installation conditions: the maximum load of the floor is 2050kg / m2, and the minimum space is H3 6mxw2. 2m

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